Freshdesk Integration

Enhance your customer service with the integration of the Freshdesk ticketing tool into FieldPro

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Ticketing tools like Freshdesk are essential components of any quality customer service. They allow back-office teams to efficiently manage customer requests, track their resolution, and ensure fast and efficient service. That's why we've created an extension that allows for seamless integration of Freshdesk with FieldPro.

How does it work ?

With this extension, your field users can create Freshdesk tickets directly from our FieldPro mobile application by submitting customized workflows. The submission will create a Freshdesk ticket composed of the client's information and the mobile workflow data. Thus, all necessary information is available for the back-office agents who handle the tickets. Whether it's an order, a support ticket, or something else, Freshdesk integration simplifies the process.

About Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a cloud-based support system that offers powerful solutions for customer service. It unifies conversations over email, phone, the web, chat, and social media, helping you to easily and organizedly solve issues across all channels.

Why use this integration ?

  • Efficiency: The ability to create Freshdesk tickets directly from FieldPro enables better management of requests and issues in the field, thereby speeding up the resolution process.

  • Centralization: All necessary information is gathered in one ticket, making request handling more organized and less error-prone.

  • Flexibility: The ability to create different types of tickets (orders, support, etc.) provides great flexibility in managing various field requests.


Collect rich data and improve the relationship with customers

*No credit card required