August 2023 - FieldPro Updates



August 2023 Product Updates

Focus on 4 solutions

We have created 4 tailored solutions for the main use cases we are covering today:

  • FieldPro Sales: A Sales Force Automation solution for all brands and distributors looking to digitise their CRM, sales and merchandising activities

  • FieldPro Agent Network: An Agent Network Management solution for mobile operators and banks offering agency banking services and looking to monitor their agent and merchant networks

  • FieldPro Agri Sourcing: An Agricultural Supply Chain Traceability solution for organisations looking to enforce transparency in their agricultural value chain.

  • FieldPro Service: A Field Service Management solution for all organisations with field service activities, such as cleaning services, technical maintenance, etc

Each solution is fully tailored to match the business needs in that sector and keeps being enriched regularly with new components (workflows, reports, etc).

New feature updates 🚀

Route Optimisation🚚

We are introducing a new feature, FieldPro Route Optimisation, in our FieldPro Sales solution, with the following components:

Optimized Route Visualization: See your day's journey clearly and streamline customers visits with ease.

Google Maps Integration: Get top route suggestions with real-time traffic updates. Navigate smartly, saving both time and fuel.

Dynamic Adjustments: Adapt routes on-the-go based on traffic, always ensuring efficiency.

Resource & Efficiency Boost: Opt for paths that cut down costs and time, while managers can easily track field users' route adherence, ensuring consistency.



Advanced Notifications Component 📧

FieldPro helps you improve the communication in your ecosytem by automating the sending of notifications in various formats between office users, field users and customers.

  • Diverse Channels: Opt for emails, in-app alerts, or SMS for precise communication.

  • Workflow Integration: Easily integrate notifications, keeping everyone from retailers to team members updated.

  • Real-time SQL Data : Embed dynamic data like sales stats directly in notifications.

  • Stylish & Clear Emails: HTML support ensures appealing, legible messages.

  • Versatile Attachments: Share reports or data in formats like PDF, Excel, or CSV.

  • Preview Option: Test notifications for perfection before dispatch.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Keep everyone informed, even without accessing the web app


Review Activity on the Web ✅

With this feature, any web user can visualise the value of a previous activity that has been filled in a workflow, and make a review of it, by filling additional fields or updating the status field. A review activity can be added in any workflow. An example for the use of this is the review of an order by the back office before assigning it to a delivery person.


Other Improvements 🆕

  • Http Post Job. To integrate FieldPro data to any other system

  • Edit values of an activity report from the web app

  • FTP integration. To share data through FTP

  • Auto Fill Values in the Activity with the result of a SQL query.

  • New Rights for Mobile users: Create only, Create and Edit

  • Force all items of a matrix on list question to be filled

  • Share an activity report in a PDF format

  • Various dashboards UI improvements

  • View the meta data of all items (creation, edition) 

  • Block the mobile app if the time is not set to automatic

If you are interested to get a demo of these latest features, write to our support team, [email protected]

Coming Soon.. 🔥

Visit scheduling 📅

We're excited to enhance FieldPro with a comprehensive scheduling system! This will empower organizations to meticulously plan and visualize field users' routes in a calendar format. Designed to accommodate diverse scheduling methods, this component boasts remarkable flexibility in its setup, ensuring users save precious time with streamlined navigation.


FieldPro Detect 📸

Get ready for the launch of FieldPro Detect, our cutting-edge image recognition tool. Honed through an extensive 1.5-year pilot with a top consumer goods brand in West Africa, encompassing 200,000 outlets and 3,000 sales reps, we're geared to scale it up. With FieldPro Detect, brands can effortlessly pinpoint product and branding on shelves, offering unmatched affordability and rapid deployment. This innovation slashes manual counting time and amplifies data accuracy. Keep an eye out for our official unveil soon!


New Blog Content 📖

We have released four new case studies on our work with clients:

FieldPro Sales

  • Awash Wines. Discover how FieldPro Sales has helped the leading wine manufacturer in Ethiopia structure their distribution. Read the case study

  • Winnies Pure Health. How a Kenyan SME has taken advantage of FieldPro Sales to automate its sales and merchandising reporting. Read the case study

FieldPro Agent Network

  • Africell. Read about how FieldPro Agent Network has helped Africell manage their agent networks in mobile money operations in Gambia, Sierra Leone, DRC and Liberia, and Angola. Read the case study

  • Centenary Bank Uganda. Read about how we are helping this leading bank in their agency banking operations. Read the case study

Company updates

Presence in Senefood event in Dakar

Our FieldPro team members, Augustine Diouf and Louis Flipo, had the pleasure of attending this event in Senegal to meet with the most dynamic companies in the agro industry sector in Senegal and showcase how FieldPro can help them manage their field sales.


Field Visit in Nigeria 

Our co founder and CCO, Marc, has spent some time in Lagos visiting our clients there (Nestlé, FanMilk, KoolBoks, Smarterise) to deploy additional components. Looking forward !


Let's meet at Ambition Africa in Paris on October 17th/18th

We will be at this 2 day business conference in Paris, available for meeting and to present our latest company updates.



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