TotalEnergies: Automating sales force activities from the lubricants segment in Kenya



Industry:  Equipment goods

Country: Kenya

I. The Client

TotalEnergies is an international company that produces and markets energies on a global scale: oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables and electricity, with more than 100 000 employees and presence in over 130 countries. The company also offers a wide range of products thanks to its diversified market segments such as automotive, industrial market, marine, among others.

In Kenya, TotalEnergies is the leading supplier of Lubricants. Through continued research and product development in collaboration with major equipment manufacturers, they produce high quality lubricants to meet the technological requirements of the engine makers, wide customer needs and the stringent environmental standards. 


To learn more about TotalEnergies in Kenya visit their website:

II. The Challenge

TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya’s core business is the marketing and distribution of products and related services to industrial, transport, commercial and domestic users throughout a wide network of over 200 service stations spread across the country.

The commercial team needed to gain a complete overview on the activities from the commandos (sales force) and obtain real-time inputs from them. After an assessment of the needs, we identified key points to address in the development of the project:

  • Mapping of retail universe: route development and mapping of retail universe near the stations. Information gathering in terms of products / brand availability, merchandising, GPS coordinates, pictures, etc.

  • Sales records: register sales done by the commandos at the POS level including proof of sales (receipt picture).

  • Commandos monitoring: track the commandos work and performances. For example time worked, sales in value / volume, strike rate, outlets visited.

  • Business intelligence web dashboards: online interactive dashboards with real-time data visualisation and aggregations of main KPIs (sales force, outlet mapping, activities, sales, etc). Also capable of creating automated daily/weekly/monthly email reports.


III. The Solution

We implemented FieldPro Mobile and Web App to digitise and automate the sales force field activities on a daily basis and obtain business intelligence insights in real-time.

1. Mobile App - Direct Sales and Orders & Delivery Workflow

The workflow was designed to be used by the field sales force team to record key information about the interactions with the customers. The workflow includes fields to register customer details, sales type, SKU’s sold/ordered, total sales or order volume/value, downpayment, payment type, transaction codes, final balance, expected delivery, pictures (orders or products), and comments.


2. Web App - Field Force Monitoring and Performance Dashboards

Two types of dashboards were implemented for the TotalEnergies management team: Field Force Monitoring (Activity) dashboards and Sales dashboards.

a. Activity dashboards: allow Managers to do real-time monitoring on the activities developed by the commandos (sales force team).

  • Time Worked: KPIs on duration of work per user, time for start and end of work, commute and visit duration, visits per hour, and number of days worked.

  • New Customers: KPIs on new customers created/visited per day per user, per customer type, and details of all new customers.

  • Customer’s Analysis: KPIs on total customers in portfolio, new customers onboarded, customer type, visit status, last sales, and strike rate.


b. Sales Dashboards: help Managers have an overview of the business performance on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

  • Customers Analysis: KPIs on unique customers visited, details per customer (name, type, visit status, number of visits, number of strikes, strike rate, last visit, last sale)

  • Field Analysis: KPIs on user activity such as number of active users per day, strike rate per user/day, visits per user/day, number of working days, unique customers visited, and details of customers visited (check-in, check-out, visit duration, strike, comment)


IV. The Impact

TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya and FieldPro started working together in March 2019 cutting across 15 petrol stations located in different regions. Over the past 3 years we have equipped the sales force team with FieldPro App enabling the registration over 2000 clients in Total’s client portfolio, 40M KES in sales, 10.3 M litres sold, and most importantly the mapping of all Total customers with key information on the activity performed by the sales force team.

As next steps in the roadmap, we plan to implement new functionalities in the FieldPro App to keep adding value to the TotalEnergies sales force team:

  • SMS for Retailers: the objective is to start engaging with retailers via SMS campaigns.

  • Working Capital: ease the sales of TotalEnergies products by facilitating retailers’ access to working capital. Use third-party loan providers such as Gravity or Pezesha.

  • FieldPro for Distributors: roll out of a full Distribution Management System to enable the team in Kenya to have a 360 view of their distribution network and distributors to manage the orders through a dedicated back office console.

“FieldPro Software has given us an opportunity to have a 360 degree view of the sales force and monitor in real-time the input they are giving. This is invaluable in terms of remote access to what is going on in the market."

Oliver Biyogo, Commercial Manager

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