Case Study: Winnie's Pure Health Monitors In Real Time Sales and Merchandising with FieldPro Sales Force Automation App


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Industry: Agri Food Processing

Region: East Africa

Product: FieldPro Sales

Introducing Winnies Pure Health

Winnie's Pure Health is a leading Kenyan-based company dedicated to the production of natural, wholesome, and nutritious food products. Their extensive range includes products such as whole grain cereals, gluten-free flours, herbal teas, natural sweeteners, and health supplements. The company's mission is to offer products that are conducive to a healthy lifestyle, promote longevity, and prevent lifestyle diseases.

Challenges faced in terms of Distribution Management

Despite Winnie's Pure Health's robust line of products and a broad network of retailers across Kenya, the company was facing significant challenges in managing and monitoring the activities of their sales representatives in a manual way. Distribution in Africa is also particularly complex, as highlighted in this McKinsey survey, Winning in Africa’s consumer market

Time-Consuming Process: Manual sales management often involves keeping track of a wide range of data and activities, which is a time-consuming process. The time spent on these tasks could instead be used for more strategic activities like customer engagement or business development.

Inefficient Data Management: Storing and managing data manually may lead to issues with data integrity, such as inconsistencies and inaccuracies. It also makes it difficult to quickly access and analyze data when required, impacting decision-making processes

Difficulty in Tracking Sales Activities: Manual tracking of sales activities such as customer visits, calls, and follow-ups can be a daunting task. There's also a risk of details getting lost or overlooked, leading to missed opportunities.

Inadequate Forecasting: Without the aid of automated tools, predicting future sales trends based on past data can be challenging and less accurate, which can impact inventory management and cash flow planning.

Lack of Real-Time Information: In manual sales management, real-time tracking of sales activities is virtually impossible. This makes it difficult to respond promptly to changes in sales trends or customer behavior.

Poor Customer Relationship Management: Maintaining a manual record of all customer interactions is challenging, and important details might be missed. This could impact the quality of customer relationships and the level of customer service provided.

Error-Prone: Manual processes are susceptible to human error, which can result in costly mistakes.

Difficulty in Team Coordination: Without a centralized system, coordinating between sales team members and synchronizing their efforts can be difficult.

Lack of Scalability: As an SME grows, the manual management of sales activities becomes increasingly unfeasible. The lack of scalability of manual processes can hinder the growth of the business.

The Solution: FieldPro Agent Network App

The FieldPro Sales Force Automation (SFA) app brought a multitude of benefits to Winnie's Pure Health, revolutionizing their sales operations and management. The impact of its deployment can be seen in several key areas:

1. Quick to Deploy: FieldPro's intuitive interface and user-friendly design made its deployment quick and hassle-free. With little need for extensive training, Winnie's sales representatives were able to start using the app immediately, leading to minimal disruption in their sales operations.

2. Simple to Use: The simplicity of FieldPro SFA was a major advantage. Its easy-to-navigate design ensured that the sales team could effortlessly access all features, making tasks such as planning visits, interacting with retailers, tracking sales, and collecting payments easier and more efficient. Read more about our mobile app here.

3. Saves Admin and Transport Time: FieldPro significantly reduced administrative and transport time. Its real-time dashboards enabled the management to monitor sales activities remotely, eliminating the need for frequent on-site visits. Automated sales tracking and reporting features also minimized the time spent on administrative tasks.

4. Reduces Bad Debt: The app's robust payment collection feature made it easier to track pending payments, send reminders to retailers, and expedite the payment collection process, reducing the risk of bad debt.

5. Additional Sales: With FieldPro, Winnie's Pure Health's sales representatives could manage their time and resources more efficiently, allowing them to focus on what matters most - selling. The app's features for enhancing retailer interactions and merchandising activities further contributed to boosting sales. The real-time data analytics feature also helped the sales team understand market trends better, enabling them to formulate more effective sales strategies. Read more about our Retail Audit workflow.

In a testimonial, the Managing Director at Winnie's Pure Health, Elsie Gitau, stated,

"The FieldPro app has been a game-changer for our sales operations. We've seen significant time savings, our interactions with retailers have improved, and our sales have increased. Plus, the simplicity of use has made it easy for our team to adapt. We highly recommend FieldPro to any business looking to streamline their sales and operations."

This correlates with the findings of a research of the impact of a deployment of a Sales Force Automation System among Kenyan companies.

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