FieldPro Updates - November 2023: new features, enhanced automation, and more


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November 2023 - FieldPro updates

We are very happy to share our latest updates in terms of new features, workspace templates extension and company news.

As you probably know, we have delivered several automation components resulting in time saved for field teams and managers, from route optimization to image recognition for retail audits. If you are interested in seeing these new features in action, reach out to us for a demo !

Instant In App Image Recognition to automate Retail Audits checks 

FieldPro's in-app image recognition feature revolutionizes data capture and verification in the field. Leveraging AI, it allows sales reps and merchandisers to instantly recognize products and displays, streamlining reporting and ensuring accuracy.

scan result - fieldpro detect AI

This powerful tool transforms images into actionable insights, directly within the app, enhancing productivity and operational compliance.

Your brand's distinctive journey demands innovative solutions, and that's where FieldPro Detect excels by tailoring itself to your precise needs.


This brings the following benefits:

  • Reduce by 3 the time spent during a store visit for capturing product presence data

  • Avoid any wrong declarative manual inputs with picture based evidence

  • Obtain evidence on merchandising deployment by third party agencies

Similarly on the web application the products and merchandising present display on the picture for greater accountability.

image recognition - fieldpro detect

Get to know more about FieldPro Image Recognition Technology

Visit scheduling and agenda

FieldPro's visit scheduling feature streamlines appointment setting and workload management.

With synchronized agendas on mobile and web, users can effortlessly take and manage appointments, ensuring they stay on top of their schedules. The intuitive interface provides a clear visualization of individual workloads, enabling users to balance their time and tasks efficiently.

visit scheduling and agenda

AI Sales Recommendation Engine

FieldPro's AI Sales Recommendation Engine empowers sales reps with data-driven order suggestions, tailored to each customer's purchase history, segment, and comparable profiles.

It smartly factors in targets, seasonal trends, and more, to guide reps towards the most strategic sales opportunities, enhancing decision-making and driving revenue growth. It displays when engaging with customers on the mobile.

ai sales reco - fieldpro

AI Route Optimization

FieldPro's route optimization AI integrates seamlessly with Google Maps to minimize transport time and distance, utilizing real-time data for the most efficient journeys.

Tailored for sales reps, technicians, and delivery personnel, it displays the best routes directly on mobile devices. This advanced feature also enables timely customer notifications about arrival times, enhancing the service experience and operational efficiency.


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Other improvements

  • Matrix on list question can be displayed vertically when there is one sub question, to simplify the user experience. Example use case: simplify the filling of technical checklist

  • A pdf version of an activity report can be sent by email automatically after it has been filled by the mobile user. Example use case: send a confirmation email after a sales has been done to a customer

  • In a matrix on list, items displayed can be filtered based on the condition matching customer attributes. Example use case: only display the SKUs referenced for a store chain when visiting it

  • Fill a workflow if the customer matches a certain condition. Example use case: fill certain workflows based on the dynamic attribute of a customer

Workspace Templates

FieldPro Sales

  • New workflow “Street vendor sales”.

    To be used when street vendors sell directly to the end customers. The workflow is used by the micro distributors / agents which supply these street vendors with the products to sell.

  • New workflow “Stock Management”

    To be deployed among your warehouse staff . This helps monitor the stock dispatched to the sales representatives doing direct sales (van sales) and block sales beyond their stock.

  • New workflow “Pre order and delivery”

    To be used when sales representatives only capture orders at customers, with a delivery in the following days by a delivery staff.

  • Retail Audit workflow: an improved dashboard has been added, with filters by SKU categories and formats

FieldPro Agri Sourcing

  • New workflow “Upstream dairy collection quality monitoring”. To be used by field users / auditors in charge of collecting dairy from the farmers. Allows to check the quantity and quality (hygiene, health) of the dairy products collected. 

New workspace template

FieldPro Field Marketing: For agencies deploying promoters and brand ambassadors to engage with customers directly, run commercial activations, deploy merchandising material, etc. 

Company news

For those interested in optimizing their field operations, do check out our suite of FieldPro AI solutions designed to meet diverse needs.

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