Why your consumer goods business needs a Sales Force Automation Software

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Many owners and managers of consumer goods companies are unsure whether it is advantageous to implement a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or SFA (Sales Force automation) system. While making this choice for your organisation, there are many questions you should ask yourself. Everyone is aware that a business's clients are key to its success. With the use of sales automation, you may continue to bring in new clients while boosting sales from current ones.

The best sales force automation software, such as FieldPro, can reduce attrition through its extensive management techniques. The cutting-edge CRM SFA tools from FieldPro are equipped with cutting-edge capabilities that set them apart from the competition.

With the FieldPro sales automation solution, you can give your sales reps the tools they need to sell effectively in the field, record your field sales and interactions with customers through our mobile app, and see your sales performance and distributor stock in real-time.

Also, sales force automation tools give you everything you need to improve customer satisfaction with your business. Customers change their loyalty when they don't receive the service they anticipate. According to a salesforce survey, 91% of customers are more inclined to make repeat purchases following a positive service experience.

Even more alarming, 70% of customers say they won't do business with a company again if they have a long wait time. This article is for you if you are a consumer goods business owner or manager. Read on to discover what an SFA is and how it can help your brand.

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What is a Sales Force Automation Software (SFA)?

The Salesforce automation software effectively reduces the time-consuming duties managers and salespeople must complete. It streamlines commercial operations, including inventory management, sales processing, and client contacts.

It also helps with the analysis of sales forecasts and makes sales representatives more effective. It comes as a software bundle with a web-ready database, email software, and templates that can be customized to fit your business model. Below are the reasons you need a field sales software for your business.

Benefits of SFA system for your business

Minimizes the sales operation costs

Fieldpro daily sales

Utilizing a sales force automation tool is mostly done to help salespeople with their daily responsibilities, boost productivity, and improve teamwork. Additionally, it enables real-time consumer activity monitoring without requiring you to hop between several programs.

Because of all these capabilities, sales force automation software is valuable for lowering the cost of managing sales operations. This can be done by reducing the time spent on boring tasks, improving accuracy and efficiency, and making it easier to get to the information.

One of the megatrends that is reshaping the world economy is the automation of routine tasks. According to a cross-functional study by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), about one-third of work in sales and sales operations can easily be automated today. Sales are consequently among the functions with the most potential for automation. As a result, the sales operation costs are cut.

This way, employees may spend more time doing what they do best with the help of sales force automation tools. Instead of spending hours on tiresome paperwork, automation allows them to spend more time on the phone with consumers, developing relationships, and closing agreements.

FieldPro can decrease your overall field-related costs by up to 40%. The software helps you lower your un-supervised absenteeism by 20%, remove support staff functions with low added value such as data entry clerks, and many layers of field supervisors. You will also cut field costs such as fuel.

Business intelligence and real-time analytics

Activity Report Details

The software's implementation can provide different kinds of real-time analytics so that you can learn more about the steps that need to be followed for a successful sales process. Moreover, the software helps improve and optimise the marketing and sales strategy to better suit your company's needs.

In addition, the tool will help you increase field force productivity. You will be able to monitor sales in real-time, set targets and obtain reliable data, get mobile insights per user and per team, and calculate commissions for your sales team.

To develop a sales strategy, sales force automation also considers the most recent trends and customer behaviour. Presenting only precise data makes it easier to see the sales funnel clearly. This allows the salespeople to anticipate potential bottlenecks and devise plans to avoid them.

With the FieldPro sales automation solution, you will be able to visualise your sales performance and distributor stock in real-time. Furthermore, You will have a rich set of web and mobile reports updated in real-time with data exported in pdf and excel.

You can also integrate FieldPro with your ERP to sync the product list and stock purchased from your distributor and view their net position. These are just a few ways FieldPro software can help you get insight into your business data in real-time.

Minimise losing opportunities

Human beings are fallible, and your sales team cannot be up to date with each appointment, deadline, or conversion with potential clients. Salespeople are more likely to become overworked and lose out on opportunities without a central system to coordinate all these tasks.

Every successful salesperson needs to be persistent, so giving them tools to handle each follow-up with their contacts is worth a lot. You may manage more than simply follow-ups for a single contact or customer with most CRM & SFA applications. Additionally, they take care of reminders for any contracts you might have with any of these businesses.

Your salespeople can focus on increasing the frequency and quality of interactions instead of getting bogged down in managing their obligations and potentially neglecting activities that still need to be accomplished.

For instance, the FieldPro mobile app lets the sales team capture your field sales and customer interactions. Furthermore, they can share digital receipts and account statements with your customers to create trust and transparency. This way, your business won’t miss out on any opportunities.

Lead prioritization

Without an effective CRM platform in your company, it will be difficult for your sales personnel to determine work and opportunities that require immediate attention. Most businesses value the quality rather than the quantity of the leads.

As a business owner, you want to ensure that you utilise every resource to its maximum. The worst thing you would want is for your team to focus on poor-quality leads. With a salesforce automation tool, you can allocate lead rankings to every offer.

Moreover, you can also neatly segment hot sales possibilities and cold sales leads. Additionally, you may keep tabs on signs of a deal's potential importance, such as its overall worth or the projected likelihood of completing it. As a result, the managers get the necessary information to allocate the right resources to each prospect.

Track employees’ performance

GPS Tracking Report

The proverb "what gets measured gets improved" is definitely one you've heard. By keeping track of every sale made within the company, your sales CRM system may provide you with a complete picture of team performance.

You can run reports and determine which customers or steps in your process are successful. You may also see how successful each person is in these areas. Basic reports provide small but crucial details like "how much income an employee has created" or "what share of chances does a salesman convert."

This data on employee productivity can help you focus on staff development programs, job modifications to match employee talents better, or thanking your best workers for a job well done. Many businesses also allow employees' peers to view their performance information, which can encourage salespeople competition and inspire the entire team to put in more effort.

Sales Force Automation software by FieldPro (by Optimetriks)

To better understand how customers access and engage with businesses' goods or services, Optimetriks seeks to create direct links between such firms and their actual reality on the ground. We use cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence to develop products and services that let our customers gather reliable data and business analytics in real-time.

Businesses across different industries trust FieldPro solutions. For instance, TotalEnergies adopted FieldPro Sales in 2019, and the impact is incredible. For the past three years, the company has registered over 2000 clients in its portfolio, 40M KES in sales, 10.3M litres sold and most importantly, the mapping of all Total customers with key information on the activity performed by the sales force team.

“FieldPro Software has given us an opportunity to have a 360 degree view of the sales force and monitor in real-time the input they are giving. This is invaluable in terms of remote access to what is going on in the market."

Oliver Biyogo, Commercial Manager

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This article lists the top 5 benefits of sales force automation for your company that sells consumer goods.

By signing up with FieldPro, you give your business the tools it needs to accomplish various tasks, including retail execution, mobile inspection, field force tracking, no-code app builder, mobile CRM, and in-store execution. In other words, you can focus more on increasing conversion rates while spending less time on pointless tasks.

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