Asset Management Workflow

Leverage FieldPro's advanced asset management workflow to meticulously track, manage, and optimize your equipment. Experience enhanced efficiency, reduced downtimes, and increased sales.

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What does the asset management workflow consist of?

The asset management workflow is tailored to oversee and manage the equipment used across your distribution network. This includes cold storage devices like fridges, freezers, and coolers, as well as sales apparatuses such as kiosks, pushcarts, bikes, and headboxes.

The features of this workflow enable you to:

  1. Equipment Identification:

    Using pictures, GPS location, and barcode scanning, identify each piece of equipment distinctly.

  2. Equipment Assignment:

    Allocate specific equipment to particular shops or locations, ensuring optimal utilization.

  3. Usage and Status Monitoring:

    Observe the condition and operation of each equipment, ensuring they are maintained and functioning correctly.

  4. Equipment Movement Tracking:

    Track the transit of equipment between various points like warehouses, shops, repair workshops, and more, ensuring the efficient and effective management of assets.

Who is this workflow for?

This workflow serves:

  • Sales Representatives:

    Those responsible for the deployment and supervision of sales equipment in the field.

  • Repair Officers:

    Individuals tasked with ensuring the ongoing maintenance and repair of the equipment.

What KPIs will I obtain?

  • Asset Utilization:

    Measuring equipment usage as a percentage and the sales achieved per specific equipment.

  • Asset Presence:

    Monitoring the presence, location, and availability of assets in real-time.


FieldPro's asset management workflow has greatly streamlined our operations. Tracking and managing equipment has never been easier. We've reduced equipment downtime and optimized our assets' utilization, leading to increased sales and improved efficiency."

Pascal Simon


Amarante Consulting


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