Direct Sales

Ensure real time visibility on your sales, improve efficiency, and manage stock movement effectively.

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What is this workflow ?

The direct sales workflow is a process that helps a sales representative organize and conduct direct sales activities. This involves loading goods into their delivery vehicles, visiting clients (often on a predefined journey plan), selling and immediately delivering products to customers. It simplifies the tracking of stock, sales, returns and cash collected, ensuring full visibility and control over the sales operations.

Who is this workflow for?

This workflow is geared towards sales representatives, delivery drivers, sales managers, and anyone involved in the direct sales process of an organization.

What KPIs will you get ?

The KPIs that can be derived from this workflow include:

  1. Total sales volume and value.

  2. Number of customer visits made.

  3. Rate of successful sales to customer visits.

  4. Stock movement and discrepancies.

  5. Customer satisfaction rates.

  6. Cash collection and discrepancies.

These KPIs can help track and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of direct sales operations.


Thanks to FieldPro, we've been able to take our direct sales operations to a new level. We've seen a significant increase in sales and our operations have never been smoother."

Ziobeieton Yeo

West Africa General Manager



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