Order & Delivery

Efficiently navigate from order-taking to delivery, ensuring an organized, seamless, and customer-friendly process.

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What does the order and delivery workflow consist of?

This workflow provides a comprehensive solution to monitor the sales cycle from initial order-taking to subsequent delivery. Designed for scenarios where the individual taking the order is distinct from the one performing the delivery, it ensures seamless transitions and efficient delivery schedules, especially relevant when deliveries are slated for subsequent days.

Key features of this workflow include:

  1. Unified Customer Database:

    An integrated database accessible both on web and mobile.

  2. Customer Search & Visualization:

    Multifaceted customer searching capabilities and a geographical visualization of customers and impending deliveries.

  3. Real-time GPS Monitoring:

    Track sales and delivery personnel in real-time.

  4. Route Planning & Navigation:

    Establish and oversee travel routes with Google Maps integration.

  5. Sales & Return Tracking:

    Monitor the quantity and value of products sold or returned.

  6. Payment Details:

    Document payment methods and specifics.

  7. Delivery Updates:

    Record anticipated vs. actual delivery dates, supplemented with photo evidence and electronic signatures.

  8. Driver Assignments:

    Sales personnel can delegate delivery tasks to specific drivers.

Who is this workflow tailored for?

  • Order Taking:

    Sales representatives and front desk officers.

  • Delivery Fulfillment:

    Delivery officers and truck drivers.

What KPIs will I obtain?

General Field Operations Monitoring:

  • User Engagement: Monitoring app login activity and usage frequency.

  • Daily Field Activities: Overview of daily user tasks.

  • Work Duration: Documented start and end times, including time allocated for visits and transit.

  • GPS-Based Monitoring: Daily movement tracking with a timeline displaying customer interactions.

  • Customer Onboarding: Tracking new customer acquisition rates.

  • Customer Engagement: Analyzing number of visits, duration, and customer engagement percentage.

Specific to this Workflow:

  • Call Efficiency: Analyzing visitation success rates.

  • Sales Overview: Monitoring sales volumes and values, broken down by product, representative, and customer.

  • Credit Monitoring: Keeping tabs on customers with outstanding payments and the associated amounts.

  • Delivery Tracking: Observing delivery statuses and related payment details.


Adopting the FieldPro order and delivery workflow has remarkably simplified our order and delivery process. The comprehensive features ensure that we have full visibility and control over our sales cycle, enhancing both efficiency and customer satisfaction"

Tim Kasperidus




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