Merchandising Audit

Achieve better in-store execution, improve compliance, and gain market insights effectively.

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What is this workflow ?

The merchandising audit workflow is a process that aids in assessing the presence, placement, and visibility of products on store shelves. It involves routine store visits by merchandisers to ensure products are correctly displayed as per the planogram, promotional materials are well positioned, stock levels are maintained, and any competitor activities are recorded. It provides essential data that helps improve in-store execution and drives sales.

Who is this workflow for ?

This workflow is primarily for merchandisers, field sales representatives, retail audit teams, and sales managers responsible for ensuring product visibility and compliance in the retail outlets.

What KPIs will you get ?

The KPIs you can obtain from this workflow include:

  1. Compliance rate with planogram and promotional guidelines.

  2. Number of store visits completed.

  3. Stock availability and out-of-stock incidences.

  4. Presence and visibility of promotional materials.

  5. Competitor activities and market insights.

These KPIs can offer valuable insights to optimize merchandising strategies and improve sales performance.


With FieldPro, our merchandising audits have become more streamlined and effective. We have seen noticeable improvements in our in-store execution and compliance with our merchandising standards."

Mike Fischer




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