Street Vendor Sales

to streamline and optimize sales activities in decentralized vendor networks. Gain real-time insights and ensure efficient operations, leading to maximized sales and empowered vendors

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What does the street vendor workflow consist of?

This workflow provides a structured approach to overseeing sales conducted through a decentralized network of franchisees, agents, or micro-distributors. These intermediaries are responsible for daily stock provision to street vendors who use sales equipment, like bikes, headboxes, or pushcarts, selling products directly to the final consumers. Typically, the vendors receive their inventory on credit.

Key functionalities of this workflow include:

  1. Vendor and Equipment Identification:

    Recognize your field vendors and the associated sales equipment.

  2. Daily Stock Tracking:

    Monitor the products provided to vendors each morning and what's returned in the evening, which in turn, determines daily sales.

Who benefits from this workflow?

This workflow caters primarily to franchisees, agents, and micro-distributors accountable for the management and stock provision to street vendors. Within these entities, it's pertinent to differentiate between the roles of shop assistants and shop owners.

Which KPIs can I expect?

  • Vendor Engagement:

    Track vendor activity levels and attrition rates.

  • Sales Analysis:

    Measure sales figures per vendor, product, agent, and sales equipment.

  • Equipment Productivity:

    Assess the efficiency of sales equipment in terms of generating sales.


I am very happy to count Optimetriks as our IT partner for our sales digitisation effort. I appreciate their reactivity in rolling out software solutions that are relevant for us, that produce the right analytical data to understand our distribution at a granular level."

Ziobeieton Yeo

West Africa General Manager



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