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Ensure consistent machinery quality, swift issue detection, and timely resolutions.

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What does the technical inspection workflow consist of?

The technical inspection workflow encompasses the structured activities carried out by a technician when visiting a site to check the quality of machinery or a location. This process ensures that equipment is functioning optimally and adheres to the set standards. The workflow may involve evaluating machinery performance, identifying potential issues, offering maintenance or repair recommendations, and documenting findings.

Who is this workflow for / who are the user personas involved?

This workflow is intended for field technicians, quality assurance officers, maintenance supervisors, and managers overseeing quality control or machinery maintenance in an organization.

What KPIs will I obtain?

From this workflow, the potential KPIs include:

  1. Number of inspections carried out.

  2. Rate of machinery or sites passing the inspections.

  3. Average time taken for each inspection.

  4. Frequency of detected technical issues.

  5. Time taken for resolution post-inspection.

These KPIs can assist in gauging the effectiveness of technical inspections and in refining maintenance strategies.


Thanks to FieldPro, our technical inspections are more organized and thorough. We can now easily track machinery health and ensure consistent quality across all our sites."

David Miller

Technical Director

DEF Industries


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